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Our mission is to help in the fight to prevent blindness by
providing physicians, clinicians and researchers around the world with advanced imaging and data to understand the eye.


Phoenix Technology Group empowers people to see: we empower researchers to see more in their fight to prevent blindness; we empower clinicians to see more in their fight to save sight (and lives). We do this by providing clinicians and researchers around the world with stunning retinal images, coupled with timely and accurate data about the retina and the eye.

Founded by Bert Massie, Ph.D., inventor of the first digital camera for pediatric retinal imaging, our company created the Phoenix MICRON™ platform for in vivo imaging of animals in eye research. Phoenix MICRON is the standard of excellence for researchers worldwide: ten of the top twelve research institutions employ a Phoenix MICRON solution. In 2017, the company launched to great acclaim the Phoenix ICON™ platform which reinvented wide-field retinal imaging for human clinical applications. Phoenix ICON delivers stunning high-contrast, high-resolution images, with quality you can see and data you can trust. The ICON platform also boasts a number of features including a lighter weight cart and a six-hour battery life.

Recognizing that telemedicine is the future of ROP screening, in 2018, Phoenix acquired FocusROP, the most widely adopted  elemedicine platform for ROP screening. With this acquisition, retinal images from any widefield retinal imaging camera can, in seconds, be delivered to physicians when and where they are needed, saving them time while providing better documentation.



As a customer-driven company, we’re honored to be supported by a worldclass Clinical Advisory Board.

Audina Berrocal, M.D.

Susmito Biswas, MB, BS, FRCOphth

Sandor Ferenczy, CRA, OCTc

Ed Guthrie, M.D.

Domenico Lepore, M.D.

Eric Nudleman, M.D., Ph.D.

Michael Trese, M.D.



May 01, 2019
Phoenix Technology Group Achieves ISO 13485:2016 Certification
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April 09, 2019
Industry Expert Leslie MacKeen Joins Phoenix Technology Group as Product Manager
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October 23, 2018
Phoenix Technology Group acquires FocusROP from InterVIEW Medical Systems
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June 25, 2018
2018 Summer Software Release
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June 24, 2018
Phoenix Technology Group announces the Summer 2018 release of its ICON Imaging Software for the Phoenix ICON Platform
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January 30, 2018
Phoenix Technology Group Granted a US Patent On Its Wide-Field Retinal Imaging Technology
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October 30, 2017
Phoenix Technology Group Announces the Appointment of its Clinical Advisory Board
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October 12, 2017
501(k) FDA Clearance for ICON Wide-field Retinal Imaging Platform
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